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The story of #PyariMona revolves around the main lead Mona, an overachiever, strong and courageous girl who excels in everything she does but, being a plus-sized person, Mona has to face challenges, problems, provocations and taunts just because she doesn’t meet the conventional standards of beauty set by our society. The serial highlights body shamming, bullying, harassment and its social and mental implications on the victim in a society with unrealistic expectations from women and stringent standards of beauty. Pyari Mona is an unconventional and interesting story of Mona as she navigates through her life. Written by Haseeb Ahmed, directed by Ali Hassan and produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions, the serial also features Mashal Khan, Adnan Jafer, Muhammad Hunbal, Naureen Mumtaz, Uzma Baig, Shaheen Khan and others.

Will Mona conquer the hurdles or succumb to the rules and standards set by society? Follow the story of Mona every Thursday at 8 pm on HUM TV to find out.

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Pyari Mona Episode 6 Written Update and Review 

Irfan and Hira’s families sit together to cancel the rishta that had not been finalized. Hira and her family is quite rude and blame everything on Irfan… Hira even involves Mona into this. I was pleasantly surprised that even Irfan’s mother took Mona’s side, but then later she uses the same cheap language: uss tarah ki ladki, she’s fooling two guys at once… Kya yaar… 


Samia gets sick in the middle of the night and is rushed to the hospital and then we see a silenced scene where Babar is weeping uncontrollably. Yep… I had predicted this in the first episode. My other prediction was that Mona will marry Babar. Wait for it… 

Adeel Hussain’s acting was to over the top. Itna naqli lag raha thha na sab… absurd… 

And Khalid’s accusation on Babar at the funeral, that scene was so out of place. Khalid accused Babar of killing Samia and nobody said a word… Baqi log kaan mein ruyi daal ke baithe thhe? And then Khalid goes and and joins others. Absurdity amplified. Kisi ko kakh farq nahi paRa.


In Lahore, Irfan and Mona’s other friends are discussing Mona’s wedding. Why doesn’t Irfan know this? They are so close. Mona would have informed her best friend, no? The friendship angle seems to have lost its importance or what? Then much later, Irfan’s condolences to Mona were so half-assed. 


Later, we see Khalid blaming Mona has Shaista for Samia’s death. Kuchh toh bhi ho raha hai yaar… 


There are only two good things that happened. We meet Naureen Mumtaz playing Kinza, clumsy AF and blunt AF… Irfan meets her, you know, rishta scene. It was so so funny: the way she talked and skilled tea on Irfan and told about her three broken engagements. After seeing Naureen playing an ambitious politician (and obsessive lover) in Bakhtawar, it was refreshing to see her in this role. I hope to see more of her. 

The other good thing is that Yawar doesn’t suddenly become Mona’s candidate. Instead, he remains in the friendzone and suggests Khalid about Mona and Irfan’s alliance. It’s so hard to see likable side characters these days. 


So, that was the episode (all over the place it was). How you peeps doing? 


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