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The story of #PyariMona revolves around the main lead Mona, an overachiever, strong and courageous girl who excels in everything she does but, being a plus-sized person, Mona has to face challenges, problems, provocations and taunts just because she doesn’t meet the conventional standards of beauty set by our society. The serial highlights body shamming, bullying, harassment and its social and mental implications on the victim in a society with unrealistic expectations from women and stringent standards of beauty. Pyari Mona is an unconventional and interesting story of Mona as she navigates through her life. Written by Haseeb Ahmed, directed by Ali Hassan and produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions, the serial also features Mashal Khan, Adnan Jafer, Muhammad Hunbal, Naureen Mumtaz, Uzma Baig, Shaheen Khan and others.

Will Mona conquer the hurdles or succumb to the rules and standards set by society? Follow the story of Mona every Thursday at 8 pm on HUM TV to find out.

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Pyari Mona Episode 7  Written Update and Review 

Mona arrived in Lahore to “discuss” a possibility of a relationship with Irfan. Guess what, Irfan is getting married to Kinza.
Mona was quite delusional . This scene was so well executed. Sanam and Hunbal both aced the scene.

Anywho, the “wedding card” confusion is cleared-it was that of a Mona Khaliq, pretty lame. But the good thing is, that Mona and Irfan are still good friends.

Khalid and Shaista go back to Lahore as there is a theft. Babar also leaves home, leaving feverish Ayan to the maid Yasmeen. And then we see Babar regretting his decision. He should get married now, you know, to look after Ayaan. Hint hint…

And then Shaista talks to Babar trying to convince him to remarry. Again, more hints…

This episode introduces Mashal Khan as Z a model/actor with tantrums. She is working for a campain that Babar is shooting. She leaves the shoot, Babar is pissed, and goes to her house and ask her to come back to work.

And, that’s the episode.

I don’t know why the events of this drama feel all over the place. The thing coherence, I think it is missing here.


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