Rah-e-Junoon | Episode 2


Rah-e-Junoon is a new Hum TV drama that started airing episodes, the first episode went live on November 9, 2023. It is a riveting tale of unwavering passion and unyielding determination, where the fervor of youthful, searing love knows no bounds. At its heart is Shabrez, whose relentless passion propels the story forward. He is a man driven to extreme lengths to win his beloved, Mehar. Shabrez’s love for Mehar is so profound that he’s willing to do the unthinkable in the pursuit of love. The story unfolds as an exploration of an intense, undeterred love that defies all obstacles and conventions, as Shabrez remains resolute in his quest to make her his, by any means necessary.


Writer: Rehana Aftab

Director: Ahmed Kamran

[Source: Hum TV official website]

Rah-e-Junoon Episode 2 Recap and Review

Let’s not spend much time in dilly-dallying much.

Zara’s Mistake

Zawwar (Meher ke Abba) comes home to giggles and chuckles by Zara and khala ka ladka and fiance Usman. He is devastated and sternly tells him to leave.

Meher is older so Zawwar doesn’t want to marry off Zara before Meher. This gives Zara another chance to hate Meher.

Also, Zawwar’s maan is kinda broken to see that her daughter doesn’t value the values he has inculcated in her. (I’m such a genius when it comes to word play)


Father-son Face-off

Azhar asks about the scuffle.

Mama: why didn’t you ask your dad?
Shabrez: why didn’t you offer this when I was little? I will do what I please.

We see Shabrez’s anger surfacing again.

Later that night, Shabrez comes to see Meher. Zawwar almost sees them together. What about “breaking the Maan” now? Just because she’s the heroine doesn’t make her acts right. Zara is wrong, and so is Meher.


Zaid’s Dilemma

Zaid and his wife talk about mom’s constant taunts. We see how this couple who was once in love, is now dealing with torture more often than romance.


The “Phadda”

Usman and his mother come to ask for a date.

Zawwar is like: no marriage for Zara before Meher.
Usman’s mother is like: Usman is getting many other rishtey.
Meher tells Zawwar to set a date. Zawwar tells to accept the other rishta for Usman.

And then, finally, Zara speaks for her right and shamelessly asks for setting a date.

“Abba aapko yeh date fix karni hi hogi,” Zara says.

Everyone is wrong in this scenario. A father shouldn’t base his decisions for his daughters future on a whim but a daughter should never so shamelessly discuss her marriage with her father. I now see why dramas are said to promote behayai because they absolutely do. These drama show us girls like Zara who want to get married and don’t hesitate to argue with their parents. These dramas also show that a girl can step out of the house to meet with her beau late at night.

I’m done with this drama. Seriously, no more, not even when YouTube forces it on me


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