Sunday Screed | Travelling Back to Pune

Assalam Alaikum, my dear readers! Shabana Mukhtar here, ready to share a glimpse of my Sunday on July 2, 2023. Today, I find myself traveling back to Pune, a place that holds mixed emotions for me. Sigh!

There’s something bittersweet about leaving home and family behind to return to a place that I have now come to despise. It’s like a constant battle within myself. You know how they say practice makes perfect? Well, in this case, no amount of practice seems to make it any easier. Every time I come to Pune, it feels just as challenging as the previous visits, if not more.

The journey itself is not the most pleasant experience, especially when I travel alone. The loneliness seeps in, weighing heavily on my heart. It’s a reminder of the distance from loved ones and the weight of shouldering everything on my own. The anxiety of not being able to live with my parents, the lack of their comforting presence, the weight of doing everything on my own; it all eats at me, consuming my thoughts and emotions.

One would think that I find solace in the strength that these experiences cultivate within me. Each visit to Pune, as challenging as it may be, pushes me to become more independent, more self-reliant. It teaches me to navigate through life’s hurdles with resilience and determination. But it also sucks, so bad.

I embark on this journey, I remind myself to focus on the purpose that brought me here. Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices and step out of our comfort zones to achieve our goals (although, I’m not too sure about my own goals these days). Life is be tough, but it is through these challenges that we grow and discover our true capabilities. In moments like these, I recall that we are mere mortals, and it’s Allah’s will and decisions that we are living.

So, travelling back to Pune, I brace myself for the journey ahead, knowing that it won’t be easy. Yet, I carry the lessons of the past with me, reminding myself of the strength that lies within. I hold onto the love and support of my family, knowing that they are always with me in spirit, even when we are physically apart.

To Allah, I pray for strength, patience, and perseverance to navigate through this phase and make the most of the time I spend here.

Until next time, my dear readers, let’s face life’s challenges head-on, knowing that they are stepping stones towards a stronger, more resilient version of ourselves. Assalam Alaikum, and may you find strength and peace on your own journeys.


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Shabana Mukhtar

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