Movie Review: Ho Mann Jahan


Ho Mann Jahan is a Pakistani movie written and directed by Asim Raza. The movie was released in 2016by ARY Films.

The film has a stellar cast, starring Adeel HussainMahira KhanSheheryar Munawar and Sonya Jehan, along with veterans Bushra AnsariKainat SaleemArshad MahmudJamal Shah and Munawar Siddiqui.


I watched it long time ago, shortly after its release. There are reasons why I did not review it.

  1. I was not into reviewing stuff.
  2. It was not that great.

I change my mind.

The movie starts with a classroom scene where the professor insults Arhan (Sheheryar Munawwar). We are introduced to a trio studying in college – Arhan, Manizey and Nadir. They are friends, passionate about music.

They love music and aspire to do something in the music field.

Their parents have their own stories and conflicts. Manizeh’s parents are separated. His father was once a singer, but gave it up because music is forbidden in Islam.

P.S. That’s a different debate. I am not going to discuss that in the review.

Nadir’s parents are class conscious and think less of his two friends.

Arhan’s father wants him to do well in studies.

With parens’ nagging, their friendship with a twisted love angle, the story proceeds. Nadir caves to the pressure from his mother and tries to distance himself from both Manizeh and Arhan.

But he cannot fight what his heart wants.

A happy ending is promised.


  1. Nadir and Manizey are a couple, but Arhan likes her too. Of course, he never talks about it, being a nice friend.
  2. Rebound with Soniya
  3. Unhappy parents trope
  4. Accident before parents would concede
  5. Good friend giving up his love for other friend

Things I liked

  1. The songs, OMG!
  2. This movie has a really good looking cast
  3. The costumes
  4.  Guest appearances – Atif Aslam, Fawad Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi (terrific cameo), Syra Shehroz, Bilal and Faisal (Strings)

Things I don’t like / agree with

  1. The age – I could not imagine them being college students. I had the same challenge when I watched 3 idiots.
  2. The costumes? Do Pakistani brides wear these clothes? It was a surprise for me.
  3. Mahira’s lip syncing on the songs. She does NOT come across as a singer singing with passion. I guess because it was only lip sync. When a singer sings, you feel her body sing as well. Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil are two great examples. Love his performances!


Adeel Hussain is a serious actor and never fails to deliver. Mahira is Pakistan’s sweetheart for a reason. She looks great. Sheheryar Munawwar and others do well. For me, however, Soniya Jehan was the best performer. And have you seen her mimic Mahira? Fabulous!


It is not a bad movie. It is in that safe zone where you don’t hate it, and don’t regret watching it; but it does not leave an impact. You don’t remember much from it.

I remember it for its songs and the costumes. It is an average story full of tropes, but the execution makes it bearable.

You can watch it here on YouTube.

What did you guys think of this movie?

Happy watching!