Telefilm Review: Maan Jaaiye Na

Telefilm Details

Title: Maan Jaiye Na

Writer: Mohammad Ahmad

Directed By: Erum Binte Shahid

Produced By: M Shaukat Sattar

Channel: TV One

Cast: Maria Wasti, Mohammad Ahmed, RababHashim. Farhan ALi Agha, Babar Khan, Tasneem Ansari

Non Review Rant

I am not keeping well and a sick person needs to be pampered, needs additional forces to feel happy. As I have nothing better to do with my time, I read a lot of escapist romantic novels. I also watch a lot of happily-ever-after, feel-good telefilms.


Maria Wasti: Bajjo

Farhan Ali Agha: Ehsan Kyani, husband

Rabab Hashim: Zoya Ahmad

Babar Khan: Rohaan

Mohammad Ahmed: Abba,  Zoya’s grandfather and guardian

Tasneem Ansari: Bua, caretaker

Bajjo is a miser. Rohaan gets a car, one lakh as pocket money, branded clothes, fuel expenses and phone bill.

Bajjo and Ehsan were married but are not living together. They could not be with each other for their personalities are very different.

Rohaan has bua on his side.

Rohaan is getting food for his bajjo and Zoya, Ehsaan’s assistant is getting food for him when they meet. After a meet-cute-fall-in-love, bajjo becomes the zaalim samaaj.

What follows is a fun filled series of events and every scene is hilarious, even the serious bits are delivered in a way that bring smile on your face.

Everyone has done justice to their parts. Babar Khan was  a treat, almost reminding me of Fawad Khan.


Overall rating: 5/5

Shabana Mukhtar

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