Coke Studio Season 6 | Nindiya Ke Paar | Uzair Jaswal

Song Details

Song: Nindiya Ke Paar (Coke Studio)

Produced & Directed: Rohail Hayaat

Music Director: Mekaal Hasan

Lyrics: Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Singers: Uzair Jaswal


This one is part of my “Coke Studio Playlist”.

I was watching an interview of the guy – what a humble soul he is. I thought of googling it randomly on YouTube. The usual YouTube way, one thing led to other and I found this song.

Does ‘found’ sound right in that context?

  1. It is a medley – all three songs blend well together. A super job.
  2. I have always liked his voice.
  3. It starts at a lullaby note and changs to a slightly fast paced, slightly happy song.

Have you watched / listened to this? What’s your go-to melody song?

Shabana Mukhtar