Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 103


Ayse and Kerim accompany for the trek and camping. The camping trip gives them a chance to bond all over again. They’re so cute together. Why can’t they get together quickly so we will be done with the drama?


The tables have turned and now Nazmiye is giving orders to Riza for doing household chores. From peeling peas to hanging curtains, from serving tea to cooking lunch, he does everything.


Cedah gives Erkut his job back and spies on Ayse – how’s her acting gigs going? What kind of roles is she doing? Stuff life that… Thanks to Muhsin very active social media presence, she learns that the couple is out camping. We know where this is going.


Yep, Cedah joins them pretending to get a signature.



Shabana Mukhtar

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