Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 74


Shabana Mukhtar

This episode begins as Kerim teases Ayse about her impulse decisions of not giving his room to Samet. That devilish grin on Kerim’s face is to die for. Will he give up his bed? Will Ayse and Kerim share a bed?
They do.

The next tiff is about a commercial offer. Kerim forbids Ayse to accept the offer and Ayse does just the opposite. That winning smile on her face and that losing smile on his face is so cute.

Riza gets a call from the police station. Why? Because Nazmiye and Malahat are arrested for vandalizing the psychiatrist’s clinic. Riza avenges by burning their cosmetic merchandises. We see a glimpse of old Riza. Interesting to see that.

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