Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 91


Muhsin is hospitalized and Helda is losing her mind. She does what she does best – blame it on Ayse. The operation is successful but Muhsin is still critical and wants to see Ayse and Kerim. Would he question them? He shouldn’t have listened to that creep Moammar.


Heart attack can also affect memory, at least in this series. Moammar arrives at the hospital and Ayse learns that Cedah is behind the shit. Kerim doesn’t believe this, not at first.


Kerim loses his temper, fires Cedah. She has gone too far, no? I mean why involve into something that could take someone’s life?


Ayse and Kerim are back at home. For the first time they’ve married, Kerim discusses the possibility of falling in love.



Shabana Mukhtar

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