Coke Studio Season 12 | Episode 1 | Aye Kuch Abr | Atif Aslam

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#WohiKhudaHai, a praise of God as the One Creator of a system that runs in balance and harmony, recited in the voice of Atif Aslam.

Produced by: Rohail Hyatt


آئے کچھ ابر کچھ شراب آئے
اسکے بعد آئے جو عذاب آئے
کر رہا تھا غم جہاں کا حساب
آج تم یاد بے حساب آئے
اس طرح اپنی خامشی گونجی
گویا ہر سمت سے جواب آئے
بام مینا سے ماہتاب اترے
دست ساقی میں آفتاب آئے


Remember the time when people said Atif Aslam cannot sing? Ever since he has begun his spiritual journey, he’s become this person who’s so controlled and poised in his singing. Whether it is Tajdar-e-Haram in Season 8 and Koi Toh Hai in Season 12.

Apart from Atif’s soulful voice; the meaningful lyrics and soothing music remind me of the good ol’ Ghazal Khwani days. A very nice performance.


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Shabana Mukhtar



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