Coke Studio Season 12 | Episode 3 | Mubarik Mubarik | Atif Aslam & Banur’s Band

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Journeying to #CokeStudio12 from Balochistan, Banur’s Band collaborates with Atif Aslam in Mubarik Mubarik, a festive number showcasing melodies and rhythms that have traveled down to the Baloch people through history and tradition.


The lyrics are in Balochi language and I wouldn’t have understood a word if there weren’t accompanying subtitles. Banur band brings the rusty folk music feeling and Atif Aslam brings just the right amount of contemporary look. I like this song.

Atif Aslam is very active this season. This is his third performance, isn’t it? Wohi Khuda Hai was the best. Aaye Kuch Abr isn’t bad, either. He has refined his singing so much.

Until next review, Allah Hafiz!

Shabana Mukhtar




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