Coke Studio Season 12 | Episode 4 | Dhola | Sahir Ali Bagga & Aima Baig

Coke Studio Season 12, Episode 4

From Coke Studio YouTube Channel

Returning to #CokeStudio12 in Dhola, Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima Baig celebrate the joy and vulnerability of being in love in a conversation between two companions who have vowed to be give each other their hearts.

Produced: by Rohail Hyatt


I guess it will be fair to say that Sahir Ali Bagga likes to collaborate with Aima Baig. They have earlier sang together in these songs.



Ehd-e-Wafa OST

Sanu tey – the beginning reminds of “Saanu Dhol” from Baazi. Aima’s voice and singing brought nothing new. Overall, very forgettable…

Shabana Mukhtar






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