Coke Studio Season 12 | Episode 4 | Hairaan Hua | Sanam Marvi

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With poetry composed by Sachal Sarmast, Sanam Marvi graces #CokeStudio12 in Hairaan Hua, a celebration of the Ultimate Beauty of the Divine, and the love and wonder it inspires in His devotees. Produced: by Rohail Hyatt Original lyricist: Sachal Sarmast Original composer: Abida Parveen Coke Studio Season 12 Episode 4


This is the first time I am listening to Sanam Marvi sing. I have watched her interview with Sameena Peerzada on Speak Your Heart With Sameena Peerzada. But, now I know. She has a powerful voice. Her voice and singing style reminded me a bit of Abida Parveen. Then, when I started drafting this post and read the details on YouTube, I was pleasantly susprised that Abida Parveen is the original composer. Mujhe gaanon ki samajh aane lagi hai 🙂

By the way, only problem was her pronounciation. She said “Shamsh-ul-Haq” instead of “Shams-ul-Haq”, both times.

Good song, nonetheless!

I should also note that now the set feels vintage, resembling the ones I saw in Season 5 onwards, until String took over. It maybe producer’s personal style but it makes a difference on visuals. I like both Rohail and String’s styles. It was Season 11 that irked me,audio & visuals, both.

Until next review, stay blessed! Don’t forget to read other reviews and my books 🙂

Shabana Mukhtar



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