Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 102


Muhsin arrives at Riza’s cafe. He wants to plan an outing while an astrologer suggests Helda that travel can be troublesome. Helda tries to talk him out of the plan but Ayse and Kerim intervene. Result? Ayse and Kerim must accompany Muhsin on the track. Oh, great! A chance for the lovely couple to spend time together.


Later that day, Riza counts the money The business is less than half and the customers are disappointed. After counting the expenses, they’re left with only 1000 bucks profit. That expression on Riza’s face when Nazmiye admits defeat, priceless! I must admit, on surface, angry people are always angry but people don’t see how much struggle they put in to remain calm. Personal story…

Anyway, this story is spiraling into subplots and deviates from the main love story. I have a feeling Ayse and Kerim would divorce. This is what I don’t like about Turkish dramas. They don’t end the story when it should.

Shabana Mukhtar

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