Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 127


The party is on. Kerim is sitting in one corner being suspicious about Riffat who is flirting with every woman, including Helda. Ayse also joins the party to keep an eye on Kerim. Kerim is not a child. He is aware of Ayse’s intentions – to keep him quiet.

Riffat invites all on his yacht and Kerim aches to interrupt but Ayse kisses Kerim to shut him up. How convenient!

#Ayker kiss count = 3

However, Riffat confesses that he once asked Helda out. Cute, because once things are out in the open, things get sorted between Mushin and Helda. The letter from ‘R’ is actually from Helda’s brother Rafey.  Riffat is now interested in Helda’s friend and even asks her to join on the yacht.

All is well, except Kerim has a new reason to tease Ayse: You kissed me because you like me. Love their banter.

The next morning, Ayse opens the parcel and finds the swan – so it is Kerim who kissed her when they were young. So, Kerim was/is Ayse’s first love.


Will she confront him now?

No, because Kerim is ready to meet the laywer now. The counsellor has given a positive report. The couple discusses their strategy for next court hearing. Even their lawyer is suspicious of their chemistry.

Until next episode, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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