Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 139

IMG_20200418_172951 The episode begin at the restaurant where the food blogger is annoying everyone. He starts vlogging Volkan and Kerim.  Things get out of hand and Erkut pukes on the blogger. Serves him  right, I would say. Kerim looks so handsome in black shirt. Irritated, Kerim and Volkan head to a bar. Volkan ends up with a girl named Natasha, while Kerim sleeps in his car. Cedah plans to spill the beans, and tell everybody about Ayse and Kerim’s lies. For some reason, she is mad at her colleagues. *** Like Marriage of Convenience? Read my romantic comedies: Book 2 of ONCE UPON A TIME series is out. Once Upon A Crush BOOK 1 Once Upon A Pandemic BOOK 2 Check them out on Amazon. Until next episode, stay safe. Shabana Mukhtar

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