Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 140

IMG_20200418_172951   Ayse meets the director and her co-actor Khalil. The director is too excited, whereas Khalil is aloof. What are they doing? Reherasing how to kiss. Samet learns about this, so he calls Kerim. He doesn’t just warn Kerim, but also spills the beans – Hulya and I are having a baby girl. ROFLMAO. First Helda and now Kerim; except Muhsin everyone in his immediate family knows. Kerim ruins the scene just when Ayse and Khalil are about to kiss. Kerim is jealous AF, and so rude, oh-so-rude.  Khalil leaves; Kerim goes to his room and finds that Ayse has messed up with the poster in his bed. The couple bickers again and the acting class continues. Hello? Does anyone remember about Muhsin’s birthday?


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