Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 84


The tragedy comes and goes within a minute (and a random imaginary sequence) Kerim is set free and Ayse argues whether beating Moammar was not an ethical move.

Mudamu loses their deal with the London based company because Kerim was not present. Wow, a dream deal was called off just for a rivalry. Bhai waah!

Now, Mushin is upset, he yells at Kerim… Small scolding session gets out of hand and becomes a father versus son tiff, a serious one at that; so serious that Kerim gives his credit card and car keys and leaves.

Ayse chases him, charms him with her sweet talks and persuades him to return. She fails but that conversation is swoon worthy. Just look at Kerim and his infectious smile.

Volkan offers Kerim and Ayse to live with him, so does Cedah but it isn’t hard to guess who’s offer they accept. Ayse is on fire by the way. She’s openly confronting Cedah. Impressive!

Shabana Mukhtar

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