Tiny Tales #2: An hour in the corporation bus (English)


Title: An hour in the corporation bus


Everybody’s definition of enjoyment and good life is different. People generally tend to compare themselves again the better rivals, but hardly ever with less privileged ones.
A small bus ride which lasted short of an hour, brings about a big change in Bindiya’s attitude towards life.

We take our lives for granted. We always think that our life is full of problems. We always compare ourselves against people who are better off. What about people who aren’t as privileged as us.

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I was engrossed in my thoughts when the fat lady on my right thrust herself crushing her bust into me, again. I squirm and move to the left as far as I could – all of one inch. I can’t move any further for fear of doing the same deeply disturbing bosom hug with my standing co-passenger on my left. The next stop is nearing and I expertly maneuver my body yet again. Two teenage boys, possibly college students, miss me by merely a nanometre. A successful dodge, yayyy! The uniform-clad woman got up. Oh god! Did I offend her by frequently moving too close to her face? No. It seems like she is about to alight.

My stop is still quite ahead. And besides, standing and getting touched is becoming too much to handle.

Word Count: 2679

Read time: 15 minutes


Date published: 25th of August 2018

Genre: Contemporary/Essay/Social

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Reviews from readers:

The message in this was pretty moving. I did not see it coming at all! It was so profound on so many levels. Judging a book by its cover, being bitter towards the privileged AND those who are lesser than us, and we do it in ways we don’t even realise. Taking things for granted. You put it all so neatly in one story. This story comes from a wise mind and skillful fingers!

  • 3.5 stars, Alia – A GoodReads Reviewer

This short story concised many social issues of South Asian countries. And I liked the way it was all depicted in a realistic manner. It is an accurate portrayal of society. Very cool!

  • 3.5 stars, Abdullah – A GoodReads Reviewer

This book is about a person who travels through a local corporation bus and finds things that makes her think about herself. This book shows how people travel in a corporation bus in Pune or a local train in Mumbai. College guys trying to find a chance to rub against ladies and on such occasions ladies are no less against the ladies. Overall this is a lite headed book which will tell you about the travel in public transport and also about the different people their thinking and their behaviour so it’s again a good Goodread

  • 4 stars, Shrikant Venne – A GoodReads Reviewer