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Do You Question That God Does Not Love You (Urdu)

This is the first articla in “Philosophy Of Life” Series. Sometimes I like being philosophical or just want to ramble everything that comes to mind. I would try to keep such posts to a minimum – once in a month. If people like it, they can request me for more 🙂

When KDP Report Surprises You

So, I was checking my KDP Reports. I do that about a hundred times a day, but this time it surprised me. Note: Gif is from Totally love Jeff Goldblum, by the way. Someone is reading all my books, one after the other. All 7 from the ‘Happily Ever After” series are read. Isn’t…

Favourite Poetry (Hindi): Judai 3

बेबसी होती ना हमसर को झुकाए होते आप आए थे मगर काश ना आए होते संग-बारी का अगर हमको ना ख़दशा होता हमने शीशे के मकानात बनाए होते

Favourite Poetry (Urdu): Judai 3

بے بسی ہوتی نہ ہم سر کو جھکائے ہوتے آپ آئے تھے مگر کاش نہ آئے ہوتے سنگ باری کا اگر ہم کو نہ خدشہ ہوتا ہم نے شیشے کے مکانات بنائے ہوتے

A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w46

The winter is here, and so is dry and itchy skin. Sigh! On the plus side, days are shorter now. Hence, this week passed quickly. Touch wood, for I don’t want to jinx it. It was a busy week – for official work and personal work. Some work items are finished, others are still pending….

5 Apps that I gave up on

Here is a list of 5 apps that I installed and loathed them immensely. Not all apps are annoying. There are some good ones, but most of them are just plain annoying. Here is a list of apps I have recently tried and hated.

Favourite Poetry (Hindi): Judai 2

जब कभी में दिल को समझाऊँ कि वो मेरा नहीं दिल में कोई चीख़ उठता है नहीं, ऐसा नहीं कब निकलता है कोई दिल में उतर जाने के बाद इस गली की दूसरी जानिब कोई रस्ता नहीं

Favourite Poetry (Urdu): Judai 2

جب کبھی میں دل کو سمجھاؤں کہ وہ میرا نہیں دل میں کوئی چیخ اٹھتا ہے نہیں، ایسا نہیں کب نکلتا ہے کوئی دل میں اتر جانے کے بعد اس گلی کی دوسری جانب کوئی رستہ نہیں

A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w45

I forgot to schedule the weekly retrospective posts for past three weeks. There is a lot going on and the weekly summary slipped of my mind. This week, the desk relocation took place. I told you about that, right? The management doesn’t fulfil its promise. The shifting was delayed by 3 days. The management doesn’t…

Favourite Poetry (Hindi): Judai 1

ज़िंदगी में जब कभी कोई ख़ुशी महसूस की हर क़दम पर आपकी हमने कमी महसूस की अब तो पहले से भी ज़्यादा तेरी चाहत है हमें दूर रह के बात ये हम ने नई महसूस की

Favourite Poetry (Urdu): Judai 1

زندگی میں جب کبھی کوئی خوشی محسوس کی ہر قدم پر آپ کی ہم نے کمی محسوس کی اب تو پہلے سے بھی زیادہ تیری چاہت ہے ہمیں دور رہ کے بات یہ ہم نے نئی محسوس کی

Let NaNoWriMo 2019 begin

I participated last year and it was quite fun – to race against time and write 50000 words. It is not a small feat, but if I have to practice some discipline; I need this in my life. It is fun. For those who are new to the writing world, I encourage you to participate….

October 2019 Roundup

I had expected that I’d be publishing one book in October and will be ready to publish another one in December. But things don’t always happen the way we plan. If it did, life would be so awesome, wouldn’t it? This month was crazy and a record month in more ways than one. So, I…

Chacha Chaudhary & I

Chacha Chaudhary & I Does he need any introduction? I guess not. But for those unaware, please check out the Wikipedia entry. Chacha Chaudhary & I have a history, a history that spans almost two and a half decades. I was a late bloomer and learned my alphabets quite late. No, it is definitely not…

My earliest memories of YouTube

The year was 2008 and I had just discovered that there is a website that plays videos and it is NOT forbidden. By IT security team, yet. The site was YouTube, my dear friend and companion YouTube. It was like finding a treasure. I wasn’t much into Bollywood music until then. And, I preferred ghazals….

Book Review: Chacha Chaudhary Digest 4 By Pran Kumar Sharma

Chacha Chaudhary’s comic books are one of the fondest memories from my childhood. I guess that applies to all of us in India. Recently, I was hit by a strong sense of nostalgia. I recalled the books I read, the games I played and the food items I ate as a kid. I googled, as…

Book Promotion: Crooning Techies

Have I forgotten that I am also a writer? Of course, not. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls; please read my book Crooning Techies. It is free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers. Title: Crooning Techies: Sara’s Journey Summary: Sara landed the job she wanted. She also fulfils her life-long dream to live independently, and away from family….

Let’s Revise Duas #1: To Begin Any Work

We all have been to Madarsas and learned our Duas. I did, too. I recited ’em on all occasions. As I grew older, I started to forget reciting them. Soon, I forgot Duas. For people like me, I’m starting a new series. Let’s Revise Duas. We will begin with the most obvious and simplest dua….