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Character Profile: Jabar (Jasoosi Duniya)

Jabar is a man who kills for pleasure. He had worked for Germany in the second world war just to fulfill his thirst for blood. Jabar is an expert of poisons and is into Chemistry. He has lost his nose during some scientific experiment. He makes an appearance in Khatarnak Boodha and kills himself in the sequel Masnooyi Naak. Appearances:…

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 9: Exciting times for SSG

I am back with my review of ninth episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. This episode shows all four members of SSG and things are happening quickly. This episode was more exciting than the previous ones. Before we begin, check out the Cast and Characters and previous episodes.

Deewar-e-Shab Episode 23

This is my review of Deewar-e-Shab episode 18. This episode has a major plot development as Yousuf meets Nageena.

Book Review: Locked In (By Iris Darshi)

Locked In is a story about Jiya and Dev Saurya – a young couple truly, deeply, madly in love once and now preparing for divorce. The story highlights the importance of opening up, discuss expectations and share your feeling with your loved ones instead of shutting off from the world.

Daasi Episode 9: Aliya and Aadil Are Engaged

I am here with my review of 9th episode of Daasi.  Aadil and Aliya are engaged. Aadil is ecstatic and Aliya is devastated and other characters are simply playing a game of cat and mouse.

5 Apps that I gave up on

Here is a list of 5 apps that I installed and loathed them immensely. Not all apps are annoying. There are some good ones, but most of them are just plain annoying. Here is a list of apps I have recently tried and hated.

Character Profile: Ghazala Rasheed ZamaaN (Jasoosi Duniya)

Ghazala Rasheed ZamaaN is a princess, who was blackmailed by Leonard for her alleged affair with her private secretary. When she received threats from Leonard, she seeks help from Faridi. She’s daughter of Nawab Rasheed-ul-Zaman, and has heard about Faridi from Nawab Wajahat Mirza and Doctor Shaukat, from Daler Mujrim. She first made her appearance in Faridi aur…

Character Profile: Tariq (Jasoosi Duniya)

He’s Arab, a multi lingual and knows the oldest languages. He is mysterious as nobody knows his background, his past or present. Some speculate that he roams around the world treasure-hunting. He lives a luxurious life without any obvious means of income. His eyes, especially, make him different.  It is revealed in later stories that…