Request a Book Review

If you want your latest book reviewed, you might have found a reviewer. You can send me a request. I would be happy to review your book. Email me the pdf / mobi / epub of your book on

Book Reviews Aren’t Free, Not Any More

  • I do it free of charge. Nothing comes free, mate. Earlier, I used to review for free, but now I have changed my policy. If I’m to put a lot of time in reading the book and writing a review, I might as well charge. The charge isn’t fixed. It will depend on the length and… ahem… complexity of the book.
  • PayPal payments are accepted.

Book Reviews Will be Posted On…

  • I will post the review here on my blog and GR, and occasionally on
  • It will be my honest review.
  • I am unlike other reviewers who liked paperback. I am a fan of eBook.


I primarily read fiction. I generally do not accept requests for non-fiction  books.

Genres I read: Romance, Comedy, Satire, Suspense, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Action, Kids Fiction…

I like reading: Short stories, socio-romantic novels, romance, romatic suspense, romantic comedy, Humour… All things light and breezy.

Genres don’t I read: Erotica, Sci-fi, fantasy, horror.

Languages: I can read English, Hindi and Urdu.


  • I would expect a ebook review copy (epub/mobi also works).
  • If ebook can’t be arranged, I *may* buy the book if it’s available on Amazon Kindle/Google Bookstore.
  • A short author profile to be included in the review, preferably with a recent picture. If you’re shy, no worries, we can skip the photo part of it.


Usual turn-around time varies based on the genre and the length. I prefer short stories, though.

Anything less than 100 pages for a genre I like and smooth writing –  2 days.

Anything less than 100 pages for a genre I don’t read much and smooth writing – 1 week.

Anything less than 200-300 pages for a genre I like and smooth writing – 1-2 weeks.

Anything more than 300 pages – I avoid, but you can try to convince me 🙂


Shoot me an email with your request. We will discuss the fee and timeline there.

Shabana Mukhtar