About me

I strongly believe that there are multiple personalities that we live with. There are at least two versions – one that we are, one that we want to be.

Let’s meet the two versions, shall we?

About Me

As my blog is “the other me unfolded”, I don’t really want to reveal too much about myself.

I am Shabana Mukhtar, a full-time IT professional. When I decided to pursue Computer Science Engineering for graduation, and later IT as my career, I used to feel that this is what I am meant for. To be honest, I did enjoy that for a long time, for a good 11+ years. I liked to code, or maybe I just liked to write, and writing code was just the same.

I liked coding so much that even after going home, I used to code for fun. Yes, I did that! After a good two years and after making tiny bit of money from that work, I suddenly felt fed up, that I am not doing justice to myself, that I want to do something different. I was living a very dull, boring life (I still am). But, I finally have the courage to pursue a thing or two from my secret wish list.

The Other Me

What if you never get to pursue your dreams and ambitions because you’re afraid to fail?

Do you have the fear of being misunderstood and ousted?

Would it be fair if you keep your feelings and emotions buried forever?

What if you never get to be your true self?

I like telling stories. Writing code is paying me. Writing stories is my passion. I want to do both. Thus began my writing journey on this blog. I write because… why not?

I write whatever comes to my mind – reviews, random thoughts and some time I share about my stories. I don’t want to be shy of expressing myself, at least in the digital world. Being a shy person, there are so many things that I have never shared with anybody in my life. I now think it is time to do so, to share untold stories. There are millions of thoughts running through my mind. I have a different world in my head, with a lot of characters and their stories. I want to share that as well.

Welcome to my world – the other side of me. Here, I explore anything and everything that my regular self doesn’t know about. Or maybe the two sides overlap in ways that I don’t comprehend. I want to be me, and I want the world to know me. This will be an adventure for me.

Come along, be my companion.

Shabana Mukhtar (Indie Author)

I am a self-published author on Amazon. If you like reading family drama and soft romantic comedies with subtle social messages; please do visit my books page or store.

A million dollar question – Urdu or English?

Why I chose two languages to express myself?

I’m a bilingual. Urdu is my mother tongue. English is, how we call it, my father tongue. I strongly believe that some thoughts can be better expressed in one language than the other. While most of my writings are in English, sometimes my train of thought is fueled by Urdu.

Let’s stay in touch. Thanks for visiting. Stay blessed!

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Shabana Mukhtar