Book Review | Maala | Episode 4 | Nemrah Ahmed

So, it’s time to review the fourth episode. Correction, the right time to review the fourth episode of Maala was three weeks ago.

Yep, this review is three weeks too late, but I didn’t want to review it in the first place; I’m disappointed.

I’m so so disappointed with this episode of Maala, and I can’t say that I hated the episode. I have my reasons for disappointment. Hear me out.

First of all, I checked Nemrah’s page a day before the epsiode was dropped, and I thought maybe she’s back to delaying the episodes. Three days later, my sister, who told me about the new novel in the first place, informed me that the next episode is live. That added to the disappointment. You see, I like early movers advantage.

Second of all, my sister not only informed me about the new episode, but she also told me the highlights of the episode. It happened so quick, that I couldn’t stop her in time before she spoilt the whole episode for me. I later punched her, but that doesn’t diminish the disappointment.

Third of all, and it might be a bit harsh for Nemrah’s fans, this episode was a bit underwhelming.

Since my reading experience was kinda sorta ruined, let me put a big disclaimer out there. This review is filled with spoilers.

With that, let’s cover the ground quickly.

So, the previous episode itself had hinted that Mahir Fareed isn’t the bad guy, and that he might be trying to save Maala instead of hurting her. In this episode, she brings things out in the open. Mahir Fareed was pretending to be Kaif Jamal all the while. Kaif Jamal was a loser, and he is a loser. Mahir Fareed paid Kaif Jamal only to use his name to work for Kashmala.

There, I said it. I ruined it for you, too. Although at this point, most of the world might have read the episode already.

The rest of the episode shows Maala still dealing with her confusion. Her heart is still with Kaif, but her brain tells her to get married and get settled with Ziyad, the right person for her. Or so she thinks. Kaif tells Maala that Ziyad is too realistic for her, and will keep breaking her heart. Who will Kashmala end up with, that remains to be seen. But I’m sure the entire Nemrah Ahmad fandom is shipping Mahir and Maala.

So, that was the review from my end. How did others like this episode?

Tutorial moments

I don’t think there was much of tutoring in this episode. But I liked how Birbal said that cakes would become a norm on funerals. I think that’s plausible. The world is changing weirdly.

Let me know how you felt about this episode. You can comment, or email me.

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Shabana Mukhtar