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It was almost two years back when I published my final review of Haalim. Yesterday, my sister told me that Nemrah has published the first episode of her next fiction, and I was like: let’s do this.

So, here I am. Let’s first meet the characters.

Maala Characters and their relationships

Kashmala Mubeen aka Maala

The heroine, let’s call her that. She is an entrepreneur with terrific attention to details when it comes to work, brain without money. She had set up a restaurant Ocean in Islamabad with her friend Zaheer. She’s the brain, Zaheer is the money.

Oh, aur woh namaz ke baad dua bhi mangti hai. Seekho kuch kambakhtoan!

Hoor e Jahan Begun

Kashmala’s mother. She’s the epitome of beauty and grace. She reminded me of Husn e Jahan from Alif.  Anyone?

Moyeed Mubeen

Kashmala’s brother, he’s a doctor. He might not have time for his family, but shares a strong bond with his siblings.

Maahbeena Mubeen aka Maahi

Kashmala’s sister, married to Ibad, lives in Canada. Crazy networking skills… Hoor e Jahan trusts Maahi’s styling kore than Kashmala’s.


Maahi’s loving and blunt husband

Kaif Jamal

The hero, one of the two options. Wait, there is another hero. He is a photographer and entrepreneur (Urdu spelling isn’t the correct pronunciation of this word, by the way). He lives in Lahore.

Aur woh namaz ke baad tasbeeh bhi padhta hai. Seriously, kuch seekho nalayaqon!


Kashmala’s uncle, she stays as a paying guest at his house.


Kashmala’s aunt.

Nageena aunty

Kashmala’s phupho

Ziyad Sultan

Nageehna’s son. Observer and writer. He is the other hero, ahem!


Kashmala’s cousin who is getting married.

Kabeera Begum

Kashmala’s tai jaan. She doesn’t like Hoor e Jahan and by extension the whole family. There is a history, you should read the episode for the same. I’m not going to feed you everything


Kaif’s cousin, Kashmala’s friend, and everyone’s go to person


Kashmala’s friend and partner for their restaurant Ocean. Or at least that’s what she thought of him.


gardener at Maala’s house

Bakht Bi

Mulazima; she doesn’t approve of Kaif 🙂

Mahir Fareed

The antagonist or the hero, we really don’t know much yet. The first episode hints taht he is probably Kabeera’s son.

White hair/Malik

Mahir’s uncle and manager


Qasim Fareed

Mahir’s father


Mahir’s mother, she divorced from Qasim to marry Shams.

Birbal Fareed aka Pinochio

Mahir’s yoounger brother. He runs a bakery and is a sweet devil. He is the best character so far.


Mahir’s step-sister

Zareena Malik

Malik’s daughter, Mahir’s cousin and… ahem… ummeedwar…


Mahir’s trusted employee who can keep up with Mahir’s tantrums despite being fired three times a week.


The new receptionist at Mahir’s office

Faizi Khanum

The trusted woman who runs Mahir’s house.


Rabeel’s second husband; he is only after the money, doh. He even hires an aamil to remove Qasim from the equation.


The said Aamil that Shams has hired on a retainer. Aamil’s are always on a retainer. Once you get into their changul, there is no escaping them. Listen to Mufti Tariq Masood, and you will know.


I will add more characters as they are introduced. There will be a lot of them, looking at Nemrah’s previous novels.

Until we meet again, check out my books on Amazon. You can subscribe for Kindle Unlimited for free for the first month, just saying 🙂

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Mahir of course. But it’s a love triangle of sorts, like Talia, Fateh and Adam in Haalim 🙂

  2. Shanno says:

    Mam hero kon hai mahir ya ziyad ???

  3. Glad to be of help. I know, I can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

  4. Tausiya Tajalli says:

    After reading your review… mind is prepared for the next episode of maala👍🏻😊

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