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So, episode 10 is here. For a refresher course, check old episodes. Let’s quickly cover the ground.

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Some Rant As Usual

Alrighty, so I’m back to Nagpur, as I shared in the previous book review: .

I’m living such a nomad’s life this year. Except for January and February when I was home, and in July when I was out of India, I have travelled Pune-Nagpur at least once in every month, “once” being the keyword here. I made two round trips in September. Ah, such is life. I’m trying to move back permanently, but such things take time, okhay?

I digress. So, as I’m here in Nagpur. I gathered my sisters for a lovely dinner and my sis stayed over. Let’s call her Munni. She is the one who follows Nemrah Ahmed and is responsible of telling me when latest episode of Nemrah’s novels (earlier it was Haalim, and now Maala). We got to talking about her madarasa life and Arabic learning experience, and much later that night, she told me that Maala’s episode is out and it’s short. She also went on to tell me that someone had mentioned this is a short episode, and Nemrah threatened to block the said reviewer.

Plot Summary and Review

Let’s start this review by saying that I didn’t think this episode was short–not that I follow Nemrah or anything. She can’t block me. But seriously, I didn’t think this episode was short. It was sufficiently long, and had enough stuff going on.

We see back and forth in time (Nemrah does it so well), and learn how Maalik and Maala share their own past. Maalik has seen Maala through some of her most challening days at Ocean.

In present, Maahir has played a nice trick to get rid of Zaara’s incessant nagging. Kabeera has met Maahir to confirm and refute some of Maahir’s hypotheses about Sarkar.

Speaking of Sarkar, Ziyad has moved out of Sarkar’s house, and we saw nothing of Sarkar or her black magic. Ziyad and Maala’s married life is “normal”. They aren’t the lovey-dovey kind. They argue, they bicker, they patch up. This is how real-life people are, and I loved it. Some stories show the married couple as if they have no disagreements and are always fawning over their spouse. That’s not real, is it?

This episode also introduced us to Rameen, Maala’s writer friend. Rameen also lives in Jeddah, so Maala has someone to talk to. The most intruguing part of this episode was that Hilal knows about magic. How and why? We don’t know, and that’s the intrigue that will make me read the next episode.

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