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So, episode 11 is here. For a refresher course, check old episodes. Let’s quickly cover the ground.

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This episode was late as usual, and I learned about it only yesterday. So, here is a little recap/rant of episode 11.

Maala learns about Ziyad’s lies one after the other–there is a lie of those piles; I’m not going to spoil them all for ya. Moeed is getting married in Istanbul (how convenient), and Ziyad doesn’t want to go, obvio!

Ziyad doesn’t want to go because he is an egotist man who only intends to bring down Maala. 

  1. Yeah, you read it right. Maala discusses her career plan–a job or an startup, but Ziyad makes fun of her, tells her that she can’t work until she has someone local support her, and NOBODY will.
  2. He points out the pimple on her face even though he knows how sensitive she is about pimples.
  3. He kinda threatens that if she goes to Istanbul without him, he might not sign the letter to let her back into UAE. This man is a psycho and I don’t know why Maala is still putting up with him and his lies.

So, that pretty much sums up Ziyad and Maala’s side.

In Istanbul, Mahir is busy with his life. I like the tiny bit of scuffle between Changez and Mahir. It shows that our hero and the people around him are also normal. They can’t be their best versions all the time. Changez’s ego may surface now and again; he may retaliate at Mahir, and Mahir will deal it the way he deals with things-dive head first and shakes things up.

Maala finally puts two and two together and realize that Maalik who gave her the necklace was the same Maalik who bought Ocean. The two meet, and Mahir interrupts their meeting. Yeah, they meet again. Good times! 

Coming back to my favourite person Birbal, he has been in and out of love, one more time. I like how Mahir cares for Birbal, locates him and brings him back. Sibling love is always always so special. That said, Birbal is still Birbal and he still keeps connecting with Maala just to irritate Mahir. Of course, this connection serves the overall plot as well. For instance, when Maala learns about Hilal, she calls Mahir. Yeah, they can’t stay far from each other no matter how much she hates him.

The episode ends as Ziyad finally meets Hilal’s nanny. Ab hoga show-off. The next episode is a month away, so don’t keep thinking about this one. It will be a while before we know what Ziyad has in mind.

Let me know how you felt about this episode. You can comment, or email me.


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