Afili Aşk | Cast & Characters


Afili Ask (Urdu: Tera Mera Pyar) tells the story of Ayse, a girl from modest family and Kerem, a well-known rich and handsome playboy. The two of them are forced to marry Kerem due to slanderous accusations resulting in a oft-funny contract marriage trope.

Cast & Characters


Caglar Ertugrul as Kerem Yigiter


Kerim is the protagonist. He is the brash rich boy who is known for his affairs more than his contribution to his father’s business.

Nese Baykent as Yelda Yigiter

Kerim’s mother. The typical mother, she tries to cover for Kerim as much as she can.

Altan Erkekli as Muhsin Yigiter


Kerim’s father. A no-nonsense man, who can see through Kerim’s lies. He does not hesitate to punish Kerim to put him in his place.

Ozan Daggez as Samet Yigiter (Sameer)


Asena Tugal as Hülya Yigiter

Samet’s wife, Kerim’s sister-in-law.

Özkayali Family

Burcu Özberk as Ayse Özkayali


Benian Dönmez as Melahat Özkayali



Taner Rumeli as Riza Özkayali (Raza)


Raza is Ayse’s older brother. He is married, has anger issues and is perpetually annoyed.

Beril Pozam as Nazmiye Özkayali (Najma)

Riza’s wife. Ayse’s annoying, gossipy and a bit nosy – typical.

Hira Su Yildiz as Buse Özkayali (Bisma)

Ayse’s niece, Riza and Nazmiye’s

Ugur Uzunel as Erkut Özkayali (Imran)

Ayse’s brother.

Recurring Characters

Serkay Tütüncü as Volkan Çekerek (Furqan)

Kerim’s friend and partner-in-crime.

Zeynep Tugçe Bayat as Ceyda Aran (Nida)

Ceyda works at Kerim’s office and loves Kerim.




Ayse’s boyfriend


Güzide Arslan as Gonca Durmaz

Ayse’s friend from the neighborhood and also works in the factory and likes Kerim. She seems to have a thing for Berk, Ayse’s boyfriend.

Kübra Su Türkeri as Feyza

Kerim’s assistant at work who looks after the shoot and models etc.

Melek Yurt as Canan

Öner Ates as Atilla

Umutcan Ütebey as Sabri Horoz

Ayse’s obsessed lover. He lives in the nieghbourhood and is once beaten by Riza. He has this crazy belief that Ayse loves him back.


Emir Gündüz

Su Baher


Vural Ceylan

Kadir Horoz

Sabri’s father. He owns a furniture shop in the same lane as Riza’s tea shop.


Ridvan Yalçin Aytaç


Zeynep Sahin

Azat Çelebi