Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 4

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Plot Summary & Review

Riza meets Qadir and gives his consent for the proposal.

Kerim wakes up early and leaves on the pretext of going to office. It impresses his mother but Muhsin doesn’t budge. What a father he is!

Ayse’s friend suggest that she elopes with Berk (Bilal) but Gonca tells her to marry Sabri. And leave Bilal for her, if I may say so.

Ayse meets Muhsin for one last time and Muhsin blames it on Kerim. That’s so funny. I feel for Kerim. This time he isn’t at fault. And the poor chap has also organized some files and the office. The guy is efficient.

Berk talks to his father. He is a dentist so obviously this class difference isn’t acceptable to him. He gives a long speech about his entire family – how educated and well-off they are. I felt that scene was unnecesaary. But… Let’s move on.

Malahat and Nazmiye are preparing to welcome the Sabri’s.

Ayse tells Malahat about Berk and Malahat is willing to stand by her daughter’s side. But Berk isn’t going to be there for her. Ah, poor girl!

In next episode, we will find out how the whole engagement angle pans out.

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Shabana Mukhtar