Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 3

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Plot Summary & Review

The Ozkaylis are discussing Sabri’s proposal. Malahat isn’t on board because she hopes some drama hero would come for Ayse. Eheheh, sure, why not?

At Kerim’s office, the models are busy with the photoshoot. Muhsin is still upset with Kerim because the show’s coverage is delayed but Kerim’s affairs are trending.

Ayse refuses to marry Sabri. Erkut’s meddling makes matters worse and Riza loses his cool, again. Nazmiye spies on Ayse but Ayse doesn’t tell her about Berk. Even so, Nazmiye is sure that Ayse has a boyfriend.

The next morning, Riza tells Ayse to quit her job.

The girl Kerim abondoned commits suicide, but not before sending him a text – how thoughtful. Kerim makes a dash for it, Volkan in tow, and they bring the girl to hospital.

Kerim realizes that his playboy nature has landed him in this grave situation. So, he vows to never flirt again. Yeah, right!

Maybe he will change. Maybe, he will get married to a nice girl – like Ayse.

What do you think?

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Shabana Mukhtar