Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 2

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Plot Summary & Review

So, the press coverage ends up covering Kerim’s latest affair as his latest fling appears at his office.

Muhsin handles her well and tells her that her life is more precious than Kerim or any other man will ever be. Wise man and wise words…

After getting a lashing from his father, Kerim starts to flirt with Ayse. Ayse is savage when she deals with him. Oh, by the way, Ayse’s father and Muhsin were friends and Muhsin considers her as a responsibility. Needless to say, Kerim’s flirting with her is not accpetable to Muhsin.

Sabri talks to his father Kadir to ask for Ayse’s hand for marriage. Riza has beaten him earlier and Kadir refuses to abide by his son’s wishes. So, Sabri threatens to fall from the parapet and commit suicide. Kadir relents and meets Riza to discuss Sabri’s proposal for Ayse.

Wait, will Ayse want to marry Sabri?

No, because she isn’t a saint. She has a boyfriend. Kerim spots her with Berk and can’t help but flirts with her. He teases her about his poor status. Ayse dismisses Kerim and his comments, leaving him annoyed with her.

That’s where the episode ends. I am sensing this will be another contract marriage drama. I am already watching one – Relationship Status: Complicated aka Main Ayeshagul aka Iliski Durumu Karisik.

Stay tuned for more on TOMU – The Other Me Unfolded.

Shabana Mukhtar