Most Searched On The Other Me Unfolded | March 2020

Still two weeks to go, but the questions have started pouring in. It is time to answer a few questions.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Cast

That’s simple. Here it is – Pyar Ke Sadqay | Cast and Characters.

Also read Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode Reviews.

Yeh Dil Mera Episode 20

I don’t understand what’s so special about this, except that Sahira is killed. This is the link for full episode plot and review.

Alif Novel Ending

I get that a lot. Alif Ending Explained

Alif Novel Story

People still want to know the full story. For that you can read my complete and episode-wise review of Alif.


Do Momin And Momina End Up Together

They don’t. Read my review of last episode of Alif drama and Alif Ending Explained

Who Is Noor In Emergency Pyar

Dr Murat’s 5-year-old daughter. Check out the full cast Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Cast & Characters.

Emergency Pyar Cast / haracters in Acil Ask Araniyor

Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Cast & Characters.

Ehd-e-Wafa Cast

The last episode of drama aired this Sunday 15th March 2020. If you still want to know about the cast, this is the link.


Deewar-e-Shab Full Story

Here you go.

Kara Para Ask

Are Ahmet and Sibel related?

Yes and no. They’re related by the crimes they commit together. No, they are not related by blood, nor do have anything funny between them.


What did Sunehri do to Aahil?

Sunehri blamed Mujtaba’s death on Aahil. Don’t ask me why. She was only trying to be loyal to Aliya. She claimed that Aahil pushed Mujtaba in front of the rushing car. Aahil was locked up, later bailed bu Rubab. If I were Aahil, I would not have forgiven Sunehri. But he is the hero, so he continues to love her.

And Some Old Questions


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Shabana Mukhtar