Most Searched On The Other Me Unfolded | February 2020

You guys are curious. It is only a week into February and I am already getting questions about current on-going dramas. There are some answers that I should give straight away, hence I am publishing this post now. I will keep on adding more, as I get more questions.

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Most Searched On The Other Me Unfolded | January 2020


People still want to know the full story. For that you can read my complete and episode-wise review of Alif.

Why did sultan kill Husn-e-Jahan

He didn’t.

The promo of next episode (episode 21) shows that Sultan is weeping and he says: “I killed Husn-e-Jahan.”

People are taking it quite literally. He does not kill anyone. Nobody is murdered.

He said this metaphorically. He had advised her to take a decision that proved terribly wrong for her and Qalb-e-Momin and their already brittle relationship.

Besides, if he killed her at this point, how would she marry master Ibrahim? Use your brains.

Folks, it is just a promotional ploy to get viewers hooked to the series as if we aren’t already crazy about it.

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Deewar-e-Shab Full Story

Here you go.

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