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Ishq Murshid

“Ishq Murshid” revolves around the story of two individuals from different backgrounds, brought together by destiny, as they face countless challenges in the name of love. A narrative filled with politics, enmity, gambits, and ambiguity, it delves into a complex web of power struggles, personal vendettas, and intricate plots. The drama promises a gripping tale of emotions, cerebral intrigue, and the ever-present undercurrent of secrets.


Writer:Abdul Khaliq Khan

Director:Farooq Rind

Producer:Moomal Productions

[Source: GEO TV official channel]

Cast and Characters

Bilal Abbas Khan as Shahmeer Sikandar

The “hot” rich, grumpy, politician who hates his father and step-mother

Fazal Bakhsh, Shahmeer’s alter ego

Dur E Fishan as Shibra Salman

Aspiring CSS student, likes tedhe log just like her father.

Omair Rana as Dawood Ali Khan

The Jekyll and Hyde of this story. For more details, read episode 1 review.

Oh, I don’t understand how Shahmeer is Sikandar and his father is Dawood. Someone is using someone else’s surname.

Noor Ul Hassan as Salman / Suleiman interchangeably

A man at the end of several inquiries.  He works in a place where bribery is a norm and he sails against the tide, inviting many nemesis and such inquiries along the way.

Salma Hassan as Safiya

Shibra’s mother

Samia Mumtaz as Zubaida Sikandar

Unnamed, but she knows Shahmeer and calls him Meeru. Is she Zubaida Sikandar? Shahmeer’s late mother? I am only guessing.


Shibra’s older sister, in a nikaah, but too poor to be rukhsati-fied

Sajjad Pal as Zohaib

Sukaina’s husband, still waiting for rukhsati

Rabia Noren as Nargis

Zohaib’s mother-whiny, greedy and oh-so-annoying. Salman’s sister.

And this is just for fun.

Srha Asghar as Maleeha

Shibra’s friend, Faraz’s wife

 Mr and Mrs Taimoor

Maleeha’s Parents


Shahmeer’s friend, Maleeha’s husband-to-be

Sajid Shah as Safdar

Shahmeer’s right-hand man. He holds the umbrella when Shahmeer walks. I don’t know what to say about that.

Shabbir Jan as Aftab

Faraz’s father. Well-to-do but still wants Mercedes S-class in “dowry”

He’s also a politician who’s going against Dawood’s party.

Faraz’s Mother

Adnan Jaffar as Haroon Baig

A political financer

Hira Tareen as Mehreen Haroon Baig

Haroon’s daughter, in godey godey ishq with Shahmeer

Zarmeena Ikram as Mrs Dawood #2

Dawood’s second wife. She was once Shahmeer’s nanny.

Salman’s Boss

Salman’s Colleague

Abdul Rahman

Suleiman’s first-hand man at the office, Fazal Bakhsh’s direct boss


Fazal Bakhsh’s colleague

Fawad Khan

The delivery boy who brings parhezi food from Suleiman’s house.


Dawood’s right-hand man at home

First Impression

I really wanted to name this section: would I watch this drama?

But that seemed like a bit too dramatic, even for me.

So, now, the big question is: would I watch this drama?

And the answer is: I don’t know yet.

I like Bilal. But I’m not sure I would watch the show just for him. I mean, look at what happened with Kuch Ankahi. I abondoned it after a few episodes. Tolerating Aliya/Sajal was too much. Bilal’s presence alone could not force me to watch that.

Similarly, Dur E FishaN is a bit much to handle. I watched the first episode of “Jaise Aapki Marzi”, only because of Meekal, but I couldn’t even get through the first episode. Now, before you jump to any conclusion, I must clarify that I didn’t hate it just because of Dur E FishaN. She was one of the many reasons. From the first episode alone, I knew where the story is headed, and I am so not in a mood to consume “that” sort of content.

There are some big names associated with this project. Even that can’t lure me. I have come to realize that fine actors could also become irritating in a non-engaging story. For instance, Adnan Jafar and Samia Mumtaz were part of Mor MoharaN. That was unwatchable.

And lastly, the director, Farooq Rind. If I remember correctly, the last Farooq-directorial was Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, and Pyar Ke Sadqay before that. Y’all know how I feel about Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay. Pyar Ke Sadqay was alright, but the sautela-baap-eying-his-sauteli-bahu angle was just too much.

So, to sum up, I might watch the first episode, and then decide if it’s worth my energy.


I will add more characters as I watch the series.

Until next review, please check out my books on Amazon.

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