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Rah-e-Junoon is a new Hum TV drama that started airing episodes, the first episode went live on November 9, 2023. It is a riveting tale of unwavering passion and unyielding determination, where the fervor of youthful, searing love knows no bounds. At its heart is Shabrez, whose relentless passion propels the story forward. He is a man driven to extreme lengths to win his beloved, Mehar. Shabrez’s love for Mehar is so profound that he’s willing to do the unthinkable in the pursuit of love. The story unfolds as an exploration of an intense, undeterred love that defies all obstacles and conventions, as Shabrez remains resolute in his quest to make her his, by any means necessary.


Writer: Rehana Aftab

Director: Ahmed Kamran

[Source: Hum TV official website]

Cast & Characters

Danish Taimoor as Shabrez Azhar

A drug addict who has just finished his six-months stint at a rehab and is now headed for the ultimate destination – a suicide point. He calls himself “haara hua insaan”, and that says a lot about him.

That, and that he has anger issues. What else is new, huh?

Komal Meer as Meher

An engineering student who’s on a trip with her college friends. She stops Shabrez from the suicide, then calls him for help when she gets stranded from her group. Long story short, love at first sight. Isi baare mein kisi shayer ne kya khoob kaha hai.

Raaja ko rani se pyaar ho gayaa

Pehli nazar mein pehla pyaar ho gayaa

Dil jigar dono ghayal huye

Teer-e-Nazar dil ke paar ho gayaaaaa

I’m so funny, aren’t I?

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. This should really be part of episode 1 review.

Ali Tahir as Azhar

Shabrez’s father, a businessman, no time for anything except business.

Saba Faisal as Mrs Azhar

A socialite who has time for her friends and no time for her family, except when it’s for torturing her older bahu with her poisonous words.

Zain Afzal as Zaid

Shabrez’s older brother. I didn’t catch his name.

Hiba Ali as Mrs Zaid

Shabrez’s bhabhi. She feels suffocated by her mom-in-law. I didn’t catch her name, either, but she is a terrific actor. Her expressions on hearing the word “banjh” for herself, on-point and subtle. Full marks.

Mehmood Aslam as Zawwar

Meher’s father, obviously love Meher more than Zara, and the reasons are obvious too.

Sabahat Adil as Samreen

Meher’s mother. She doesn’t hesitate from admonishing Zara when she lashes out at Meher for no reason. Read below to know who Zara is.

Hurriya Mansoor as Zara

Meher’s younger sister with a yard-long-tongue (that’s the word-to-word translation for gaz bhar lambi zaban). She hates Meher with all her guts. She’s one of the many villians in Meher’s love story, let’s just say that.

Agha Talal as Usman (From Episode 2)

Zara’s cousin and fiance

Farida Shabbir (From Episode 2)

Usman’s mother, Samreen’s sister

Shawaar (Yet to Make Appearance)


Durre Nayab as Elena (From Episode 2)

Shabrez’s cousin and candidate, hehe


First Impression

I hadn’t posted about this until now because just one teaser was enough to tell me that this isn’t for me. Danish Taimoor is back to playing his junooni ashiq after Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi, and many others I haven’t seen including Ishq Hai and Deewangi. This one even has “Junoon” in the title. In all honesty, this post is only because YouTube app played this clip before I could watch something else, and I was like…why not?

Komal Meer is a fav, and she looks stunning, but that isn’t enough to hook me to this drama.

So, to sum up, I watched the first episode, and I’ve decided it’s not worth my energy. I won’t be watching this series and highly doubt that I will add more characters to this list.


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