COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #23

Long working hours, scorching weather and anxiety… This is how the days are passing these days. Time really flies and yet every second feels longer than usual. Pray for me. Shabana Mukhtar   Advertisements


COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #22

I had to take half day leave from work to get groceries, can you believe that? After my initial stint in getting the essentials, I had decided that I will try to get the next batch of grocery long before it’s over. That is, 2-3 days in advance. On Friday, I went out to get…

Book Promotion | Utth Jaag Musafir Bhor Bhaee

Dear reader, I have published a short essay about the national lockdown owing to COVID-19 pandemic. I would be delighted to get any feedback. To read Urdu edition, click here. To read Hindi edition, click here.  

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown & My Creative Writing

The original 21-days lockdown was expected to end today. It didn’t. The pandemic is still not under control. The lockdown is extended until May 3, 2020. I have a million random thoughts during this lockdown. And, I am glad to announce that I have penned down a few. Sharing a piece – my comic, satirical…

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #21

If you had thought that the lockdown will stop people from bursting firecrackers in the middle of the night for celebrating Ambedkar Jayanti, you couldn’t be more wrong. It has been 24 minutes and people are still going at it, even howling like dogs. Some people must be wondering, who thinks about such silly details?…

Weekly Roundup | The Week That Was | 20w15

Subh Hoti Hai Sham Hoti Hai Umr Yunhi Tamam Hoti Hai Another lockdown week comes to an end. It is not much different from the previous one. I read nothing. I wrote little.  Working remotely is driving my crazy. And, I have stopped going out even for buying essentials. I am too freaking paranoid these…

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #17

Life has settled into a rut. There are rumours of extending the lockdown, looking at the worryingly increasing number of positive cases. I am scared too. I don’t step out, this is 10th day and counting. Shabana Mukhtar  

Weekly Roundup | The Week That Was | 20w14

My Life has finally adjusted to the WFH routine. I have regained my concentration and productivity, almost. The only problem is that I am not sleeping. My sleep is reduced to an hour or two, in the morning; right before I am scheduled to login. For past ten days, I fall asleep around 6 and…

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #9

I can’t say for others, but I fet that there was a general lack of motivation today.  I worked very efficiently today – fixed three defects; coordinated with a couple of folks for their stuff and have begun working on the next item. A productive Thursday; and Friday is near. Hooray! Shabana Mukhtar  

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #8

Even in the confines of my home, I am scared of COVID-19, and that it could affect me – indirectly, if not directly. And, it did. Today (April 1, 2020), there was Annual Hike and Bonus announcement. And, as I had anticipated already, there is no hike. We still get bonus, some bonus, but no…

Roundup | March 2020

This has been an extra-ordinary month. The world, as we know it, has changed. COVID-19 has forced us to change the way we live. I try to see the silver lining in this dark cloud; and what better way to recognize and celebrate small achievements. This is a recap of March 2020. Posts published: 111…

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #7

Another long day comes to an end. Office work-wise, I mean. There were far too many meetings today and I have not been able to do much. I am strictly following the time, because it is easier to get carried away and lose the work-life balance. I just logged out, stretched my limbs and now…

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #6

Another WFH week began today. I was still overwhelmed by the million queries coming my way; and a zillion issues that needed my attention. I survived the day, it is a miracle of sorts. Do you like working from home? Shabana Mukhtar  

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #5

Second Sunday since WFH is announced and the first one since lockdown… I am literally counting days. I am feeling too lazy. My right foot is sprained and right wrist hurts from using the laptop’s touchpad. Laptop is great for typing stories, but terrible for debugging – especially when you are debugging and working on…

Weekly Roundup | The Week That Was | 20w13

More of COVID-19 More Panic Struggling to WFH And national lockdown These are the keywords that define 20w12, and beyond. WFh had tired me enough, so I have taken  a day off, to clear my head. There is a mess up here as million different thoughts and worried crowd my mind and cloud my judgement….

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #3

Working from home is more tiring than going to office. I feel that the 35 minutes ride to office gave me time to boot, to warm up for the day ahead. Similarly, the ride back home was a nice way to wind down, even though fellow bus travellers tested my patience. I struggled to sleep,…

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #2

Back to work! The day began on a super stressful note. I was not able to connect to my office computer. It took about half  an hour and 4 laptop restarts to get connected. Phew! There are a few high defects on my name. I hardly get to work on them as people constantly ping…

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #1

Happy Gudi Padwa! Today’s the first day of 21-days-long lockdown. I had a day off, but my sister was working. I felt free like a bird, and lazy like … like Shabana. I am sooo lazy, and I love the lockdown. I don’t have to step out. Shabana Mukhtar  

COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown For 21 Days

If lockdown begins at midnight, why are shops forced to shut down by 9? For people like me, who have no grocery stored, how do I get the essentials? And, why is the police beating up people when they step out for groceries? Shabana Mukhtar  

COVID-19 Diaries| Stepping Out After 4.5 Days

The curfew ended on Sunday. I didn’t go out. I like staying home. But yesterday was different. I had only 20 rupees in my wallet, and no vegetables, and other supplies had diminished in past 4 days. So, I had to leave the self-quarantine mode. The roads were deserted and the shops were shut. The…