Books By Categories: Solo

I primarily categorize my fiction in four categories. Also, being a bilingual, most of my work is available in English, Urdu, and Hindi (Urdu Devanagari).


Solo Work

The ‘Tiny Tales’ series

These are short stories with nearly 3000 words. Here I try to narrate one or more misconceptions of a person, or society at large.

Read time: Less than 15 minutes


The ‘Happily Ever After’ series

This series consists of unrelated cute love stories and novellas that can be read standalone.  This is for all the helplessly romantic souls who don’t mind reading about how love can be found in most unexpected circumstances.

Of course, these aren’t just a mushy love stories. These characters also have a bit of my cynic self.

Read time: About an hour


Tales Of Software Engineers

This will be a series of full fledged novels. As the name suggests, the stories revolve around women in IT.

Read time: 4-5 hours


Social / Cultural / Family Drama

These stories border on a social / cultural / family / domestic / desi realm and cannot be clubbed with other stories as the themes are different.

These stories are novellas, novellettes or novels. The word count and reading time may vary.