Dilruba | Episode 14

The latest episode of Dilruba (episode 14, aired on June 27, 2020) is out.

The drama continues from last episode as Daniyal writes his house on Sanam’s name.

Daniyal tells Sanam to adjust and sacrifice for the sake of her marriage. On the other hand, Arslan flips out when he finds about Khurram. “Bring her back,” he says.

Khurram has a new plan to get his father’s assets. He pretends to be happy. And Syed Jibran does a phenomenal job to make us feel his pretence. Just look at his tight lipped fake smile that doesn’t reach his eyes.


The façade doesn’t last for long. He misbehaves when Ghazala and Samia visit one last time before Samia leaves for London. It worries the two women. Arslan calls and shouts at Khurram. Samia complains about Khurram. So much is going on at once.

Daniyal is also leaving. “Achanak hi sab kaam karta hoon main.” Will he die also, suddenly? Just wondering.

Natasha and Khurram go to a party, a party only modern people can attend. He invites his peeps for a party. Daniyal gives her courage to ruin the fun, if she wants.

What exactly will Sanam do? Will need to wait till the next episode.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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