Dilruba | Episode 2

Alrighty, the second episode is here. People are quite excited about this drama. I guess quarantine makes people crave more content.

Boy, people are going crazy about this drama. I wonder why.

So, let’s quickly begin reviewing the second episode of new Hum TV drama – Dil Ruba / Dilruba. It is already becoming a rage.

First, read about Dilruba’s Cast & Characters.

Plot Summary & Review

So, Ayaz calls Sanam and flirts like crazy. Asad Siddiqui’s hairstyle is nice, gives him a flirt boy look.

Ghazala isn’t happy that Sanam is always busy on her phone, and particularly unhappy about neighbour aunty asking for Sanam’s number.

Sanam and her friends discuss Junaid, who has lost his mind over Sanam. Junaid comes to see her. She talks to him like any no nonsense girl would – rudely, but not too rudely to put him off.

Sabeeh also reached her college and she greets him as if she was expecting him. How? When? Why? Yeh setting kab huyi?

Arslan has sent a very expensive phone for Sanam. Ghazala, the ever kifayati mother, doesn’t let her use the phone. She sells the phone for 65 thousand rupees. Sanam throws tantrums. Argh! I hate such selfish characters in real life and on reel.

Sabeeh is constantly thinking about Sanam. Junaid is worried that she hadn’t called. Ayaz asks Asad to give his album to Sanam. Charo taraf hay machayi hai ladki ne.

Sabeeh visits his mamu Jameel, meets Sanam and gives her his own mobile phone to pamper her. Ghazala isn’t happy about his visit. Iram notices Sabeeh’s subtle excitement while talking to Sanam. Iram is sharp, I am telling you.

Samia and Razi meet Zoya and she gives her shagun of five thousand rupees. Zoya’s mother is upset. She expected fifty thousand rupees. Samia is so angry, she wants to call off the engagement but Razi has fallen for Zoya.

Khala Nasreen’s daughter-in-law Hamna calls Sanam to give Ayaz’s gift. Khala Nasreen overhears the entire conversation. Neighbourly jealousy will play soon.

Laila Wasti is so good and her voice… I am a fan. Durre fishaN Saleem is also pretty.

Shabana Mukhtar

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