Dilruba | Episode 5

Let’s begin the review for Dilruba’s latest episode (episode 5) that aired on April 25, 2020.

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Plot Summary & Review

This episode begins with Sabeeh confessing his love for Sanam. She doesn’t reciprocate, not through words but she encourages him enough.

Iram has rightly concluded that Sanam is flirting with Sabeeh. Later at home, she talks to her younger sister. Does Sanam relent? No.

Shagufta (Zoya’s greedy mother) asks for 20 tolas gold. Really? I didn’t know Pakistan has such standards. I mean, around here we only manage to give… Anyways. Samia isn’t happy with this alliance so she puts her foot down – sona nahin milega. Sabeeh convinces her, for Razi’s sake. Allah, itni lalach!

Sabeeh drops Sanam to college where Junaid is waiting to give her another expensive gift. Junaid’s father follows him to college and sees the whole episode.

Sanam’s friends, whose brief for their role was “just praise her, her playgirl nature and the giffts she gets” ask her if she ever has plans to marry. To this, Sanam replied: Dilruba sirf mohabbat karti hai, shaadi nahin. That dialogue seemed forced, even morphed when it focussed only on Sanam’s face. I did not understand why they had to plugin their own drama name. We know we are watching Dilruba.

Ayaz offers Sanam modelling job and the self-obsessed Sanam falls for it. Ayaz and his friends click Sanam’s picture in compromising position. We all know it will later be used to remind her of her deeds. The whole photoshoot makes Sanam suspicious but she still talks to Junaid. She has no shame, whatsoever!

Shagufta makes another scene on mehendi function. It makes Razi reconsider his decision. Is he marrying the right girl?

Durr-e-FishaN is so pretty. She acts well, too. Marina Khan, however, is the best performer, so far.

Shabana Mukhtar

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