Dilruba | Episode 6

Let’s begin the review for Dilruba’s latest episode (episode 6) that aired on May 2, 2020. This episode has a major plot twist, so be prepared to be surprised.

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Plot Summary & Review

Sanam continues to flirt with Sabeeh who has lost his heart and mind to her charms. Iram watches as Sabeeh kisses her hands. Sabeeh leaves, Iram confronts her and Sanam talks rubbish about Sabeeh, his age and his looks. Of course, Sabeeh overhears the entire conversation. Sabeeh, I mean, Mohib Mirza is impressive in that breakdown scene.

Sabeeh is missing and Zoya’s family mistreats Razi’s family. Sabeeh breaks down again in front of Razi. It is a bit much. Kitna royega ladka? Don’t get me wrong. I feel the same when girls cry nonstop.

Ghazala finds out about Sanam’s flirting ways and vows to set her up with Sabeeh.

Ashiq #2 Junaid is sick and yet aches to meet Sanam. He doesn’t get better so Shahnaz visits Sanam’s house. The two mothers face off and despite her anger, Shahnaz asks for Sanam’s hand in marriage. Both Marina Khan and Huma Nawab are superb in that saddening scene.

First Ayaz, then Sabeeh and now Junaid; Ghazala has found about all the boys Sanam has flirted with. What will she do?

After so much drama, Sanam shamelessly comes to Razi’s wedding; which by the way is called off. Some random uncle suggests that Jameel should fix the situation by marrying off Sanam to Razi. What the… And Sabeeh simply listens.

Razi weds Sanam, just like that.

Parting Thoughts

The storyline doesn’t impress me much but the performances are off the chart. From the mothers to the young cast, everyone gives their best.

This Noori song is plugged so often in HUM TV dramas. Does it annoy anyone? Last year, it was the Parwaz Hai Junoon wedding song. Before that it was the song from Bin Roye. This year, it is Noori. Ek song bana kar saal bhar reuse karne ka. How efficient!

Shabana Mukhtar

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