Zebaish | Episode 1

Alright, let’s get started. After ages, I have something to review on Friday.

This episode is primarily about exposition, most of which I have summarized in my previous post Zebaish | Cast & Characters.

The Showbiz Side

Drunk Javed Ahmed comes home with a bottle and is devastated when it falls and breaks. He watches his wife on screen accepting awards. All he wants is her time, which she does not have.

Shahana knows how to handle Javed, she doesn’t give him much importance. Her career and money is her priority. She is always busy and Javed always complains, so much that even their son questions if they are happy.

Parvez, their neighbour and best friend also flirts with Shahana. He also faces a fake harassment case. I like how the current #metoo movement is incorporated in the drama.

Javed’s Munshi is dying of cancer. Apparently, that subplot will have its importance, too.

The Aastana Side

Qavi Khan as Peerzada, current sajjada nasheen, teaches to love daughters and sons equally. His nephews Nafees and Wasif sons of Late Peerzada Anwaruddin Ahmed do not see eye to eye. Wasif is an evil black-clad man, who probably has a black heart, too.

Nafees has given up on everything but Wasif still reminds him of his past, even threatens to physically hurt him. Jealousy at play… Wasif’s wife Salma is nice and kind, though.

Qasim is Wasif’s mukhbir, a crorepati who is willing to obey Wasif for life if he gets to marry Noshi. He already has two wives.

Wasif finds that Noshi has cleared BA exams and announces that as her punishment, she must now marry Qasim. What?

That’s where the episode ends.


The first episode was fast paced and I like that in every drama. I just hope it doesn’t drag later on. Hooked to the first episode and awaiting the next episode.

Until next review…

Shabana Mukhtar

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