Turkish TV Series Review | Rental Love Urdu Dubbed | Episode 8

You can meet Kiralik Ask’s cast and characters here.

Rental Love Urdu Dubbed Episode 8 Written Update & Review

Defne is back to her struggling days. We see some emotional moments between Defne, family and friends. 
Sinan is trying hard to find the shoes, and he calls Neriman. Would Neriman be able to link this theft to Yasmeen?
Defne barges into Omer’s office to clear the air. She cries, she rambles, but Omer doesn’t budge. But then he rushes to stop the lift and apologizes to Defne and takes her back as his personal assistant. Sahi hai…  In that scene, you would want someone like Omer in your life who would look at you the way Omer looks at Defne… ufff…
Necme meets Defne and learns about Tramba, the man who’s working with Yasmeen against Passion.

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