About Me

Assalam u Alaikum!

I strongly believe that there are multiple personalities that we live with. There are at least two versions – one that we are, one that we want to be.

I’ve already introduced the other me. This blog is more about me, the real me, the muslimah in me, the version that I am, the version that I’m trying to better. Let’s meet the real me, shall we?

About Me

I don’t really want to reveal too much about myself but somethings must be shared.

I am Shabana Mukhtar, a full-time IT professional. I already have a website, but the intention and purpose of that is different.

The Other Me Unfolded is to explore all my passions that I’m too shy to admit to in real life. I write silly love stories and share them, I do books and drama reviews, I rant about things that bother me, I share my deepest and darkest secrets (okay, that’s a lie).

That website is “loaded” as you would have guessed.

Here, in “the real me unfolded”, I’m set to explore my newly-found passions.

For the past few years, ever since I started blogging, I have avoided writing journals, but now, it seems like a necessity. Since my existing website has too much content already, I think it’s time to bring up a new one.

Of late, I have also developed a tendency to write daily journals. All the daily “dear diary moments” that I have noted mentally are now ready to be scribbled and shared with the world.

I’m a writer alright, but I’m also a coder. This blog will see a little bit of the coder in me, because… why not? It’s my website. I will do what I want to do. But… I promise… This will be much dedicated to a select few topics and have lesser clutter.

Alright, so, without much further ado, let’s get started on a new journey.

Assalam u Alaikum!

Shabana Mukhtar

The Real Me Unfolded

The Other Me Unfolded