Non Stop Ramblings #2: Ctrl Y – That Life Doesn’t Have

Ctrl Z – That Life Doesn’t Have (Non Stop Ramblings #1)

After one week of publishing the first book, I am back with another short book form my Non Stop Rambling Series.

Ctrl Y – That Life Doesn’t Have (Non Stop Ramblings #2)

Does the title intrigue you? Thanks 🙂

This one has been completed in a day’s time. I seriously think I deserve some sort of award for this.

It’s a collection of essays. I recall some of the events of my life that I want to redo and the lessons that I learned. It was supposed to be a personal writing, just like everything else I write 😀
But, nothing stops me from publishing it and putting a price on it.

My publisher doesn’t know about this one. This is truly and completely indie-published work. You will notice the missing ‘Sarbakaf Publications’ strip on the cover.

I designed the cover myself. Yayyy. If you look closely, the scratches on the cover symbolize the marks that are left on our brains when we constantly revisit the bitter memories.

It’s a fun book. You can check out the rest of the blurb on Amazon.

No, that’s not right. Please check the blurb.


Non Fiction / Biography / Memoir


11009 words

Reading time:

Depends on your reading speed 😉

Roughly an hour, I would say.




Haven’t you wished that you could redo or replay a certain memory or event?
Haven’t you wished you had reacted differently?
Haven’t you wished to change something or erase something?
In this short book, I have shared those events, incidents, memories etcetera that I have sort of regretted or want to undo.
All of us have thought of pressing Ctrl Y in real life at least once, and definitely more frequently than we want to undo.
And that is precisely why I feel you should read it. It is a short book and doesn’t take much of your time anyway.

Buy it and read it. Borrow it and read it. Let’s make it a bestseller (ish), people!

I want the sales but I also want reviews. If you want to review the book, please email me or comment below. I would share the PDF.

Over n out.

Shabana Mukhtar