Drama Review | Yeh Raha Dil | Episode 3

A little recap of episode 2

Nida and Jimmy meet Zaki’s parents for dinner. It is nothing short of a fiasco as Haroon undermines Zaki while Jimmy tries to portray Nida as non-marriage material.

Yeh Raha Dil Episode 3 written update and review

So, after the dinner fiasco, Zaki and his parents are head-to-head in an argument. Both parties are right, but it is so hard to choose a side.

Zaki meets Nida who asks him to move out of his father’s house.


Yeh Ishq Nahin Aasaan Bas Itna Samajh Leejay

Ek Aag Ka Dariya Hai Aur Doob Ke Jaana Hai…

Waise Nida ne uss sher ki tang tor di.


Zaki does move out. Dude, you don’t even have a job.

He’s leaving the country and going to Nepal, and guess who he runs into?


Hayat, that’s who, no prizes for guessing. Their first conversation is of course about their earlier interaction. Hayat being Hayat, rambles on annoying Zaki to no limits.

But they do end up talking to each other. Comedy and chemistry both is on point.

So, Hayat is duped. Salman and Ragni sell Hayat’s house. And Hayat has no room booking. This part wasn’t new so it didn’t impress me much.

I love Haroon Baig’s character. He’s a tough father but a softie inside.

Ahmad looks so handsome. Comedy is on point so far. Waiting for romance to kick in.


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