Drama Review: Besharam

I’ve seen a lot of pakistani dramas. I started watching them on Zindagi channel. They have content. The language, Urdu, is naturally close to my heart. their acting is awesome, AND they do not show every scene 3 times with high-octane background music (I mean to say background noise). People who have seen hindi TV dramas would understand what I am saying.

After some unfortunate series of events, Zindagi channel stopped airing Pakistani content. I reverted to youtube. I have been watching a lot of new and old dramas, that are recommended by various bloggers and reviewers. One fine day, I saw a top 10 of Saba Qamar video on youtube and started watching besharam. I was blown away from first episode itself.

The chemistry between the lead couple, Haider and Mishi, is electric. Zahid and Saba have done a brilliant job. I had seen Saba’s work earlier, and she is amazing as usual. Zahid is a treat to watch. His voice, specially, leaves an impact. I am so impressed, I started following him on facebook.

All actors seem to have become the characters they are playing. The characters were real, a shade of grey. Nobody was saint, nobody was pure devil. I particularly liked Wahab Sunaira and Saba. Wahab’s blunt commentary about his sasuma, and Saba’s blabber with a childish expression on her face; they leave a mark whenever they are on-screen, however short the duration is.

The story-line is engaging. When I checked the credits for writer, I was surprised to see “Sarwat Nazir”. Surprised, since I have read many of her novels; Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, and Roshan Sitara being two that come to my mind right now. Did not know she writes for TV as well. She’s GOOD.

My all time favorite pakistani drama is Zindagi Gulzar Hai, for its sheer perfection – from direction to writing to acting. This is very close to that now. Haider and Mishi, Kashaf and Zaroon, these characters are so powerful, they make you want to be like them.


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