Drama Review | Aye Musht-e-Khak | Episode 9

Alrighty, let’s review the third episode of Aye Musht-e-Khak. I wasn’t ready for this. I mean… I didn’t know that there will be two episodes.

A little recap of episode 9

Mustajab tells Dua that he wants to take her to USA.

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All say it at once:
I called it.

Excerpts from episode 7 review:

Before their conversation reached a conclusion, Dayaan informs that Shakeela has had a heart attack. Itna sudden? Knowing Shakeela’s lies, this could be a plotted hospitalization. Who knows? I know… I’m cynic many a times.
I wasn’t cynic, I was right about Shakeela? I don’t have a problem with Mustajab as much as I worry about people like Shakeela. At least Mustajab is what he is, inside and out. It’s plotters like Shakeela who are a cause of concern.
Sana has acted well. She is the best in this episode.
And that’s all I have to say about this episode. What lessons Shakeela gives to Dua, it makes me feel yuck… Giving up self-love isn’t only for women. It is for everyone who is in any kind of relationship. Man or woman, older or younger people alike…
I think I’m done with AMEK. I already have my reservations about the sudden flurry of dramas with religious theme. This is too much. This isn’t what I expected to see. Kaha hai ilhaad se Allah pe bharose tak ka safar? This is worse than Indian dramas, typical saas plotting for everything against bahu… Bullcrap…

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