Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 9

Badzaat Episode 8 Recap

We meet most of the characters of this drama and learn about their relationships. Wali’s heart has already started beating for Anabiya.

Badzaat Episode 9 Written Update and Review

Wali is beating the shit out of Daniyal, for Biya of course, but Akbar Hussain interferes. Not just that, he also taunts that Wali should be more concerned about Ainy.
Angered by Akbar Hussain’s comment, Wali finds out Ainy and begs her to come back. Will Ainy agree? I doubt it. She doesn’t look like a person who would listen to reason.
Mehwish Begum has only one role in this drama: Wali ko qasam dena. Seriously! This is the fifth time she orders Wali to keep quiet. And everytime she has the same expressions and same words: tumhein meri qasam. Does this writer and this team know that qasam sirf Allah ki hoti hai? Once, twice, thrice… How many times are we going to see same cringy scene? I’m very close to removing this drama from my list. Kuch toh bhi hota hai.
Daniyal has a new game plan: pretend to be nice and obedient to keep everyone happy. Biya, however, isn’t ready for rukhsati. She stands her ground, and I support her one thousand per cent. It isn’t fair to marry a girl to a person who molested her. I don’t understand.

The worst thing of Badzaat so far:

Let’s address the elephant in the room.
We see Huda in this episode; remember she had run away. She knows the real face of Daniyal; she had always known what a creep Daniyal is. Apparently, Daniyal has done this before. He has ruined someone life, so much so that the same girl (Nasreen, if I remember correctly) had committed suicide.
That’s not the real problem.
The real problem is, that Nasreen told Huda everything about Daniyal. And yet, Huda chose to ignore it, and she had a romantic relationship with that creep of a man.
She’s like: Daniyal  achha lagta hai, so I ignored what Nasreen said. I also hated Biya, even though it was Daniyal who made the move. And there is more. She has the audacity to say:
“Biya se kehna mujhe uss se koi shikwa nahin hai,” Huda tells Qandeel.
Is she for real? Biya hasn’t even done a thing. It was all Daniyal’s doing, and it was always Daniyal’s doing. *facepalm*
This drama is more problematic than Badshah Begum. At least, we are told that Piranpur is a fantasy land. This is real. And Huda just let it slide that her beau has forced a girl to commit suicide. This is one of those rare moments when I go: FTW? Backwards.
Now, the big question is, will anyone else know what’s on Daniyal’s mind?


This drama has potential, ain’t gonna lie, but the repetitive scenes just take away the charm and make is feel like a drag. I’m looking forward to more drama and less cringe.


All said and done, Imran Ashraf and Ali Abbas both have done well for their parts. Ali Abbas, in particular, shines when he changes expressions within seconds. One second he is all sweet and victim, the next moment he is smirking and flashing an evil grin.

Imran also looks dashing in every scene, and that smile of hai… Maa sadqay…


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So long!

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